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REVIEW: Grind by Sawyer Bennett

So I just finished reading Grind by Sawyer Bennett. And it was gooooood.

Although I haven’t read the first book, I already caught up on the headlines of the story.

Macy is a powerful woman. To say she knows what she wants is an understatement. She’s a lady who knows what she wants and gets. Especially in the bed. My type of heroine. There’s always been a double standard. For example, when a man sleeps with random woman, he’s a manwhore. But does that stop the ladies from giving in? No.
But when the woman sleeps with random men, she’s already named a slut. She’s used, dirty, easy. Everyone will think lowly of her, whilst men were called The Man.

I think Macy, even though, I don’t know what secret she keeps, can overcome that fear of commitment. With the help of Saint Cal (😁), she’ll know an inkling of what a relationship is. She’ll start to separate what she thinks knows in her mind, and how it differs to what really is.

To quote Cal:

“You can tell me anything, Macy. I’m your friend. You will always be safe in telling me, but more importantly… you will never be judged by this man.”

And I was enlightened by this conversation they had.

“Do you believe that people are born bad or are created that way by circumstance?”

“You’re talking nature versus nurture, and I just don’t know enough about the science behind it to really say.”

Grind is a stimulating and riveting story that’ll knock you out with its hotness and mystery.

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