Book Review · Reviewed, because of ARC


This  Round for Love by Malia Mallory.

4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

First things first, I like stories with a capable woman. Because  really, we sometimes grew tired of damsel in distress. This is a new era. Everyone should pull their own weight.
And in stories, which anything can happen,  I want the woman to be secured. Innthis book, Darcy was an ex-professional tennis player. And given the fact that when she was done playing, she worked in her family’s business. And not one of those scenarios when she hates a job. She’s the kind of person who really knows what she do, and knows it. When she walked into the hotel, her mind’s already picking up inconsistency about the hotel’s appearance.
And when she confronted Carl about the issues, I so badly want her to to use the “I’m the owner’s daughter”.
Carl was so irritating. I could smash his face.
I’m glad he was gone.

Ford and Darcy’s relationship were a bit fast-paced, but I love them.

☑✔ Gifted copy by Maria Mallory in exchange for an honest review.

Quirky Debutante thanks you for reading!


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