Book Review

Book Reviews: ELEMENTS OF CHEMISTRY: Book 1 – ATTRACTION and Book 2,- HEAT

Holy Smokes, guys! You should definitely read this books by Penny Reid.
The books are titled Elements of Chemistry: Attraction and Elements Of Chemistry: Heat.

I laughed so hard when I read this books. I can’t wait to get a physical copy of this, and for the next book(third book)  to be released next month.

Even I’m impressed of the background of Kaitlyn. Almost I can relate when they broke up on the second book. It’s hard to make decisons when you have to factor out your parents. Trust me, I know what it’s like to have grandparents and parents who all have different legacy.

On the first book, I laughed so hard and was very very engrossed reading it because I finished it for 3-4 hours that night, and to think I was supposed to be studying for my exam in Uni tomorrow.
Now, what’s I called hooked on a book. *winky winky wink wink*

Even though you’ll think unlikely that there’ll be a person like Kaitlyn, at the same you’ll think this is what Fiction is all about.
Escaping reality.
And I did just that. It was very easy to fall in love with Kaitlyn and Martin. Their story was not in a clichè-way, but altogether still make us giddy with fun, intellect and passion. And their conversation are very intriguing. Although I don’t like very Smart and very sky high  conversations in story because I don’t wanna over think and just feel. But this, it didn’t bothered me. Not a bit. I even like it because there’s almost a realism in what they talk about. So surreal.
You’ll fall in love with it, one point or another.

On the second book, although they’re already on the serious part of their relationship, you’ll still laugh at Kaitlyn’s ramblings and logic. On this book, even though they’re already rationalizing, you’ll still love the story because the plot doesn’t  bore you. It has a nice flow and  will make your heart grow fonder for them.

Here are some excerpts from both books that made me laugh and curl with pleasure.


“You promised.”

“Under duress.”

“I wasn’t holding a gun to your head.”

“No, just holding yourself to my body. That’s quite enough to put me in a state of duress.”

“My body places you in a state of duress?” Something wicked sparked behind his eyes.

“Of course. Of course it does. What a ridiculous question. Your body causes distress, disquiet, desolation, and puts me in a state of duress.”

He grinned, sitting up in the bed like he planned to stand up. “Maybe I’ll use it now.”

———— ❌❌❌❌❌❌

“For the love of Bunsen, please put your pants back on.” My voice sounded desperate because I was desperate.

I slid the closet door open just as Martin’s hands claimed my hips from behind. I stiffened because he pressed his bare chest to my back and his groin to my bottom. He was hard and I was soft, and I was convinced I was about to die of… something related to abrupt sexual desire. I released a tortured moan because I could feel his stiff thickness through his boxers—or briefs, or boxer briefs.


“Here is the problem, Martin. I feel like I like you.”

The sharpness in his gaze softened and his mouth curved into a lazy, satisfied smile. “That doesn’t sound like a problem to me.”

“But it is,” I pressed. “Because the feeling originates entirely in my pants.”

Martin choked a shocked laugh, and leaned away from me.

——- ❌❌❌❌❌❌

“You like me where?”

“In my bed. Being in my bed every morning should be one of your life rules.”


—–    ——— ❌❌❌❌

“What other people expect doesn’t matter. You don’t owe society anything. Screw society! You should do what makes you happy.”

“That’s ridiculous. Life isn’t about making yourself happy. Life is about exploiting your talents for humanity, in order to make lasting difference for good when and where you can, and for as long as you are able.”

——  ——- ❌❌❌❌❌

“Multiple? Is that even possible? I’m pretty sure I read that was a myth.”

“Parker…” He dipped his head to my neck, nibbled my earlobe, making me shrug my shoulder reflexively and shiver with delight.

He continued on a whisper, “If multiple orgasms are a myth, then you can call me Hercules.”

–_—- —- ❌❌❌

Quirky Debutante thanks you for reading!


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